It is said that every man has a purpose to fulfill in life irrespective of the circumstance he finds himself in. Discovering purpose has always been the driving force for any successful man on earth. There is a saying that “a man who has discovered purpose has discovered the true meaning of life". We concur with the aforementioned submission. Frustration in life sets in when there is no direction. Discovery of purpose gives direction in life.

Eddy, Sussy, Ted, and Rachel are four friends that have come to terms with the harsh reality of life and its attendant daily blows. They have learned how to pull through against all odds. They have found strength in the place of adversity. They are different individuals with varying social orientation but they have one thing in common, they all have disabilities. Eddy is a young physical therapist, he’s also a website writer. He works with a Health center in the neighborhood. Sussy is an orthopedic expert and also a website editor. Ted is a Prosthetic limb salesperson and a contributing writer in a Magazine company. Rachel is quite different; she has a very unique personality and so much inherent strength. She is a motivational speaker and also a fashion blogger. These four friends have discovered a commonality in their different personalities; it has made them closely knitted.

Eddy was formally a traumatized fellow; he let his physical disability affect his mental stability. Disability has always been a physical phenomenon but can also be transferred to the mind if care is not taken. Physical appearance does not determine a man’s success tendency. Success is a thing of the mind. Eddy discovered that there was little or nothing he could do about his physical state, so he channeled his strength and zeal to searching out the thing about him that is not disabled. He realizes the resources embedded in the faculty of his mind, he taps into it and discovers the uniqueness in him. Eddy then moves to attend a Health Institution and gains the appropriate qualification to become a Therapist. His friends are motivated by his success; they never thought he could amount to much. He’s also a gifted writer and is currently developing contents for a blog site.

Sussy is a “Charming Angel", as her Father fondly calls her. She has a charming personality. A man once told Sussy that her whole abilities were encased in her demeanor. She’s someone you will love to meet for the second time after your first meeting. People cannot reconcile how a cripple fellow can be an orthopedic expert. She’s crippled but she massages and works on broken bones. She is fond of saying, “Most times God gives us abilities not to attend to our disabilities but to attend to the disabilities of others". Her colleagues at work are inspired by her attitude and response to the blows of life. She is really a source of strength and motivation.

Ted is paralyzed in one part; his left arm and leg cannot perform effectively. He is an exceptional extrovert with a rather funny look. His fashion sense is not of this world; his mum says he dresses like a man from the underworld. He’s a salesman with an impressive resume. Ted can convince a deaf man to buy a headset. He has achieved so much for his company and they are proud of him. His left arm may be condemned but he makes an income with the right arm. He’s a prolific writer with a lot of nice articles to his credit.

Rachel is the most interesting of the four. She’s the major source of strength for the other three. She can talk you into taking a major step you never deemed possible. She has a strong personality with a good fashion sense. Her fingers were all lost in a domestic accident but she’s pulling through anyway. She owns one of the biggest fashion outfits in town and also runs a forum called, “Think and speak". Many disabled persons come to her for direction and motivation.

These four friends are unique in every sense. It is acknowledged that they all have disabilities but they have discovered the purpose factor in life as well. Disability should not be a restriction, it should rather act as a direction and a pointer to the area of strength in us. Life brings to every man a unique challenge but we must look beyond the circumstances of the challenge and discover the purpose of existence. With the discovery of purpose, we can soar in life!!

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