Amazing advancements of cosmetic prosthetic limb skins

Cosmetic prosthetic limb skins are so very real looking today. Cosmetic limbs are so very real looking today, that it would be hard for you to spot someone who has such a limb. Yes, it is the truth and though this might be really very hard to believe, it has now become a reality.

Ever heard of the new e-skin?

cosmetic prosthetic limbThis is a brand new, ‘simulated skin’ and it has been developed just for use with prosthetic limbs. This e-skin is so amazing, it can feel the heat, the pulse of a person, the texture of sandpaper and it can even detect sound! The best part is, this e-skin, looks just like human skin. It is also purported that one day, this e-skin could be used not just to cover prosthetic limbs, but at the same time, to also plug into the nerve cells of people. This would be really great, as this would help people using prosthetic limbs, to know whether they are touching things that are hot, sharp or rough... just the way normal human skin lets a person know.

It getting really tough to spot an amputee today?

Yes, the days are soon vanishing when one could very easily spot an amputee. If you think that this is not possible, then quite certainly, you have not heard of the i-LIMB. This is a prosthetic hand, whose 5 fingers are individually powered. Touch Bionics a Scottish company, introduced the i-LIMB, in the year 2007. The i-LIMB has various grip positions and this allows the user to be able to balance precision and power, as is required. Smart skins now for prosthetic limbs, there are now smart skins that are available. These smart skins are capable of sensing touch, as well as heat. These smart skins are ultra thin and they can flex and bend too. The smart skin is just like an artificial skin that would be wrapped around a prosthetic hand or leg. This is a very new kind of stretchable prosthetic skin. This smart skin is very unique and it is equipped with sensors composed of silicon nanoribbon for temperature, strain and pressure.

Life-like cosmetic prosthetic covers even wearing a prosthetic skin, it is still possible to wear pants, short skirts, and half pants and even open shoes. This has been made possible with anatomically shaped silicone, that is custom-made, to cover the limb. Each silicone cover is totally unique and offers a large number of benefits. These are resistant to temperature and UV. The key advantages are inclusive of ease of cleaning with ph-neutral soap and water and high resistance to dirt.

Get ready for better cosmetic skin tones

A unique silicone skin is used to cover the prosthesis. When it is applied, it matches the look of the tone of the skin, to perfection. This is really good as when this is used, it gives a very natural and normal look to body parts such as the breast or the face, that have been damaged as a result of radiation therapy or surgery.

Fashionable leg covers are a game-changer too!

Gone are the days when prosthetic legs and hands were meant to be just that. Now, it is possible to have very fashionable prosthetic legs and hands- complete with tattoos too! It’s not hard to believe that silicone (which is very similar to human skin) can actually be tattooed with real ink? The experience not only allows people to visit the tattoo salon to have the full experience. Who does not want to be fashionable? Why has a prosthetic leg or hand just to serve as a function? Why not has it fashionable too? Now, there are prosthetic covers available that are very fashionable, fun and extremely affordable too.