Living a normal life: limb rehabilitation

Patients who have their limbs amputated find it hard to cope and adopt. Not only is it painful physically but also comes as a mental pain. It takes quite sometime for the patient to accept their condition and embrace their new reality. Due to this in order to help patients accept and move on with their lives, rehabilitation centers have set up to help them cope with this new life. Here we are going to discuss how these patients have lived with this new challenge.

limb rehabilitation

The main aim of this rehabilitation centers is to lower the fear that patients may have regarding their conditions. Although not most of them enroll into these centers, those who have entered have improved a great deal. Some investigations were conducted in two hospitals and the rehabilitation centers. Among the patients 72 per cent consisted of men and 28 per cent consisted of women. The larger groups however were those of people between the ages 50 to 69. Not every patient is usually aware of the existence of rehabilitation centers. This is because they are not located in many areas. According to research a third of the patients at the center are physically active amounting to a total of 15 per cent. Almost half of them use artificial limbs while a fifth do not use it. This kind of attitude that people have in the rehabilitation centers is among one of the challenges that doctors undergo trying to convince patience that they can be able to live with their condition.

The area of rehabilitation robotic has undergone more challenges. Many patients are resistant to such treatment and mostly prefer to be alone rather than with other people. According to research post-surgical mortality of people who have been amputated has increased from 10 per cent to 30 per cent. Most of these rehabilitation centers have poor services and are very ineffective, however some organizations such as Otto book has improved the quality of services to amputees. Rehabilitation is necessary to patients because the trauma they suffer. It is advisable that immediately after the amputation process has been done the patient should be taken directly to the rehabilitation center. This makes the chances of succeeding higher. In the rehabilitation centers all services are conducted as an outpatient on the location over prostatic service provider. In more developed organizations, however occupational therapist does this work. The patient is given continuous care as their bodies adapt to the new changes. Tactile sensation is one of the major challenges for which a solution is being looked for.

Once a patient has embraced his or her new reality preparations are made on some of the prosthetics he or she can use if they want to. This is known as prosthetic restoration. The first in this step is cosmetic restoration. A patient should be able to choose the appearance of the prosthetic limb he or she wants. They always consider the body symmetry which can add to the cosmetic benefits. After this functional restoration is the second thing to look at. As much as cosmetic restoration is important the body function should be considered. The prosthetic device the patient should use should contain all the necessary elements required for their body to function. Some of the things that should be put into consideration are the hand rotation. It is important for amputees to undergo rehabilitation so that they can be able to live comfortably with their new lives. Although many people will not embrace this new form of technology, it is actually help the entire prosthetic patient.