Otto Bock and DAW, the leaders of the prosthetic limb industry

Did you know? Otto Bock and DAW are two big companies that have persisted throughout the ages and have all slowly become leaders in the prosthetic limb industry. But even though they are in the same field and enthroned side by side, they offer distinct services, contrary to what one might think. Let's discover together these two companies, what makes them unique and how they have been working for years to facilitate the lives of people with disabilities.

Otto Bock: tailor-made Products and services


This company founded in Berlin since 1919 has been much evolved since its creation and has become a leader in the prosthetics limb industry. This family business has developed its activities with the ambition to help people with disabilities and to offer them services adapted to their needs. Their goal is to enable people with reduced mobility to maintain or regain their mobility through revolutionary products at the forefront of technology and also high-quality services. With more than 44 subsidiaries and 62 equipment centers around the world, they are present in more than 140 countries. This allows them to be closer to their client, by making available to them all their expertise acquired during the last 90 years. With their entire years of study in the field of robotics and orthopedics, their products are tailor-made, and are adapted to the needs of people with an any physical handicap. They offer prosthetics, orthotics, whether at the foot, hip, hands, and even at the joints like the elbow or knee, and also wheelchairs, all tailored. Their peculiarity is as you will have understood to offer products and services adapted to their customer, because for them, each person is unique. The athletic prosthesis technology is a genuinely innovative industry with constant development. Due to this high-tech approach, athletes will not have to retire after an injury, instead, they can continue their professional career in sports as the regulations follow the latest technology. If you want to lar about the regulations and latest innovations regarding the NFL, you can check the NFLBets/news site that provides up to date information about the changes and innovations. Whether you are a high-level athlete or a simple official, you will have the products you need, so that your disability is not an obstacle that will allow you to live your life at 100%.

DAW SA: The perfect complement to Otto Bock

His motto "An amputee serving the amputees" perfectly sums up the history of this family business, whose founder is also an amputee. It is in fact seeking to improve his life that he has improved that of thousands of amputees throughout the world. Unlike Otto Bock, this company does not manufacture a prosthesis, but rather manufactures accessories that are indispensable to the use of prostheses and to the general health of amputees. Indeed, this company thanks to all the knowledge acquired in the field of prostheses and their effect on the human body has developed protective sheaths that offer the amputees more comfort and fluency in everyday use of their Prosthesis. In fact, when using a prosthesis, the hardest part is the sensations of tingling, friction problems, abrasions and irritations, perspiration and heat. This can be very unpleasant in using his prothesis every day. So, their state-of-the-art products are designed specifically to remedy these problems and make people with disabilities forget that they are wearing a prosthesis. Their products are like a second skin, which it is adapted to contact with prostheses, compared to your delicate and fragile skin. No wonder they also became leaders in the prosthetics limb industry.

Otto Bock and DAW: The perfect duo of the prosthetic limb industry

As you can see these two companies offer quite different services, one manufacturing prosthetics to help the physically handicapped to regain their mobility, and the other manufacturer of the sheaths and other accessories for this Mobility recovered does not become a daily ordeal, offering simple but effective solutions to combat the disadvantages that can have the use of a prosthesis.